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Dear visitor,

Welcome to Pie Magazine. After 7 years of hard work we have decided to wrap things up and end this incredible story. Back in 2010, I started this magazine as a way of giving myself experience as an aspiring journalist at the age of 16. Little did I know that 4 years later, by 2014, we would have over 100 volunteer writers and a global readership exceeding 100,000 visitors per month. I am honoured to have worked with so many brilliant young writers, from the very first two Robert Davies and Lorenz Kindt to the very last Joshua Howse-Stuart in April 2017.

While I ran and edited Pie Magazine until 2015, a special thanks must go to the three people who took over the reign of editor in chief: Niamh Harkett (2015/6), Ruth Anderson (2016/7) and Joshua (2017). Thank you for continuing our legacy on for another two years.

Over 30 people who worked with Pie Magazine in its 7 years used the references from our media company to get exciting jobs they always dreamed of, some straight out of graduation. I couldn’t be more proud of all those writers who seized the day and worked so hard for our community. You made Pie Magazine a reality for everyone.

I learnt a great deal running Pie Magazine. In 2012, we produced the 100-page Pie Magazine Trophy Annual 2012, a collation of all our writer’s work. Three years later we celebrated 5 years of business with our brilliant Pie Fest 2015, a week-long series of events managed by the brilliant Sophie Moore; we built the Pie Publishing company with author Jennifer Marsh and published over 50 secondary school students’ stories in a physical book; we even produced a few videos for our off shoot Pie TV with Alex Critchley and Jack O’Regan. The fab Jessica Walden also took over our fundraising venture GivePie and raised over £5,000 for various charities before leaving to travel the world.

Every one of you volunteered your time. Pie Magazine was my greatest achievement but it was an achievement made possible by every one of you. So thank you.

Here’s to all our futures.

Ben Franks
Founder, Pie Magazine (2010 – 2017)

Thank you to our writers and contributors (in no particular order):

Hayley Abbott, Daniel Allen, Ruth Anderson, Gloria Azubuike, Zoe Bailey, Colin Bell, Alice Berry, Mohona Bhattacharjee, Peter Birchenough, Ashley John Blackman, Hayley Blake, Bethany Bloodsmyth, Adam Bradley, Kirsten Bradley, Sam Bradley, Ellen Brown, Adele Burrows, Lucy Bushell, Chelsea Butchers, Isaac Callan, Tom Carter, Amy Clark, Aimee Coates, Josie Collins, Kelly Collins, Suzanne Collins, Nick Compton, Alex Critchley, Hannah Crouch, Ben Crushcov, Robert Davies, Vanessa DeAscencao, Stephen Dewar, Cat Eeles, Lauren Ellis, Fariha Eshrat, Alexandra Esmond, Stacy Eva, Leia Evans, Morgan Evans, Adrian Franks, Debra Franks, Matt Gillow, Jake Goddard, Chris Green, Lauren Green, Ian Grinter, Robert Guthrie, Joe Harker, Niamh Harkett, Emma Head, Greg Henley, Alex Hewitt, Joshua Howse-Stuart, Sean Hughes., Charlie Humphries, Sandip Kana, Tilly Karabina, Colin J Kautz, Lorenz Kindt, Dina Louise, Laura Luing, Charlotte Makepeace, Sam Marlow-Stevens, Jennifer Marsh, Kieran Marsh, Jack Martin, Harry McGrath, Emily McLaren, Miloslav Milenkov, Lee Millington, Alex Moldovan, Sophie Moore, Cecily Mumby, Ann Nguyen, Leah Nobel, Jack O’Regan, Alice Oliver, Isabella Packer, Jonathon Palmgren, James Paterson, Aramide Pearce, Samuel Pearcey, Rachel Pharlain, Heather Randall, Josh Read, Oliver Richards, Jess Robertson, Agatha Russell, Alex Salzedo, Sam Shan, Ben Shipway, Ross Showalter, Tamara Somasundaram, Samantha Stauf, Luke Taylor, Ryan Thickett, David Thomas, Hannah Tobias, Jack Trickey, Michael Tropp, Amelia Verona, Heather Wald, Jessica Walden, Yiping Holly Wang, Dionne Watkins, Sam Weeks, Hannah Weir, Thomas West, John Whittaker, Gareth Williams, Trudy Williams, Sadie-Lee Cooper, Toby Wolf.

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